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Almost All Black Everything

Patrick Swayze - She's like the wind Porcelanna1  


Black Chiffon Blouse

Miguel Campbell - Something Special (Original Mix)



Touch of Grey

Sohodolls - The rest for the wicked DSC03232  


Cozy Winter

Michael Jackson - Ben Porcelanna1


Fur & Burgundy

Madonna - Vogue Porcelanna10  


Sweet November

The Knife - Marble House

IMG_2054 (więcej…)

Welcome to the Upper East Side

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Cruel Intentions)

Porcelanna1 (więcej…)

Love Will Find Us

Barry White - You're My First My Last My Everything


The first, my last, my everything,
You're the answer to all my dreams.
You're my sun, my moon, my guiding star.
My kind of wonderful, that's what you are.

I know there's only, only one like you.


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